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Different ways to celebrate the New Year around the world 2019

HERE YOU CAN SEE  Different ways to celebrate the New Year around the world



Let me guess: On December 31st, do you and your family get together in a cottage, eat meat pie, play board games and watch the year-end shows together until they are counted? Or do you find your gang of friends and party until the wee hours of the morning, exactly as you would on July 12th except that there are bubbles? All the “typical Quebec” ways of celebrating the New Year are super nice, but it’s fun to know other traditions and sometimes even adopt them.



I introduce you to various ways to celebrate the new year according to different cultures. 

Since I adopted a Cuban tradition 

Perhaps ten years ago, I celebrated the New Year with a friend of Cuban origin. She taught me that according to the traditions of her family (maybe all Cubans do not do that, but that’s what the Flores did at least) shortly after midnight, you have to do this little ritual to bring the luck in the new year.



We have to go outside and, while staying close to the front door, we throw dirty water outside to get rid of the bad of the year that ends and to ward off bad luck, then throw some money inside to wish each other luck and prosperity. It’s cool, right? For probably superstitious reasons I repeat these gestures year after year and it always makes me smile.

Be careful not to be in a state of throwing dirty water in and money out because looking for a $ 2 in a snow bank at 12:04 on January 1st is not really fun. # OuiÇaArrive



Other interesting practices 

(Warning: I am a white Quebecer born to two Quebec parents, I only know these traditions because they were told to me or read in books or on the web. I share them with you because I like to learn about others and I hope that you will like it too.I am not an expert, if I explain or misunderstand. important tradition for you, I’m sorry.)


In Spain

It is customary to swallow 12 grains of grapes for the twelve strokes of midnight and for the twelve months of the year that begins.


In China

One writes one of his wishes and one hangs it on a wish tree and if the paper holds, the wish can be realized. Note that the Chinese New Year is celebrated at a later date and large fireworks and parades are organized on this occasion.


In Japan

Families go to the temple to witness the 108 gongs that not only announce the New Year, but also purify the soul and chase the sins.



In Russia 

When it is midnight, the Russians write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, throw the ashes in their champagne glass and for the wish to come true, you have to finish your drink immediately.


On this, no matter how you celebrate, I wish you a happy new year!

Happy New Year
سنة سعيدة (in Arabic)
Feliz año Nuevo (in Spanish)
新年 快乐 (in Mandarin)
С новым годом (in Russian)


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