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How to Celebrate Spanish New Year2019

Happy New Year in Spanish

Eating 12 Grapes – Every grape symbolizes a month and it is believed that eating grapes prior to the New Year brings prosperity and good luck. People eat a grape at the strike of an hour mark till the New Year’s formal clothing in place of hanbok.

Eating Chocolates – To signify they had a wonderful celebration last night, Spanish people eat chocolates or biscuits at the early Morning of the New Year day.

Bright Colored Dresses – To welcome good luck and bright future all the participants wear bright colored dresses during the party.

Special Round Ring Shaped Cake – Elders cook this special cake and hide some gifts in it. The one who finds those gifts is expected to have a marvelous year ahead.

Wearing Red Colored Innerwear – One cannot purchase the red innerwear for himself or herself as it must be gifted by someone else to bring good luck and prosperity.

Fireworks – Of a traditional New Year celebration, fireworks form an integral part. People believe that they make space for good luck and holiness by driving away the evil spirits.

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