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New Year Eve In Russia

New Year Eve In Russia:

The Russians have the chance to celebrate the new year twice! For if it is officially celebrated on 1 st January according to the Gregorian calendar, the Orthodox church, she, fixed to 14 January. Even better: this whole period is declared a holiday. Like us, the Russians gather around good dishes, including the famous Olivier salad made of diced vegetables, eggs, and other ingredients with mayonnaise. They clink champagne * when the 12 strokes of midnight strike. Then they open the door or the window to let the New Year enter the houses, and offer themselves gifts.
In the Russian aristocracy, we serve an amazing dish that dates from the nineteenth century: the roast Empress. It consists in stuffing a lark with anchovy olives, put it in a partridge, then in a pheasant, and all in a piglet … A recipe that requires a real know-how … and a sacred appetite.


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