New year 2019

Happy new year 2019

New Year Ideas to Party at home

New Year Best  ideas to party at home 2019


Every year, we all ask ourselves the same question: what are we going to do for December 31? The majority of us are looking for theright idea to spend an unforgettable evening … But in the end, we are always a little disappointed … This year, it’s decided, you will celebrate the New Year at home, surrounded by all your friends. No stress! We have gathered for you five unstoppable ideas to celebrate it as it should be …





1. Photos with shovel

Scotted to our smartphones, we take all the time full of photos that no one looks at and especially that everyone forgets … We have the solution to this problem: opt for a Polaroid camera, there is nothing better to animate your party and allow your friends to come home with souvenir photos.

2. New resolutions together

As at the beginning of the year, you decide to take good resolutions, but most often if you are sincere, they last only a few weeks and are quickly abandoned in favor of the good old habits … This year, take rather new resolutions with your friends: decide to go on holiday together for example or make appointments for dinner together at least once a month … etc. The possibilities are endless and may well motivate you!

3. Games to drink

No, that’s not what you believe! Each guest brings a new cocktail recipe and the ingredients that go with it. Thus, you are sure to: 1. have enough to drink for the whole evening, 2. try lots of new cocktails. What more ?

4. Before / after

The principle is simple: take old pictures (embarrassing or not) of you with your friends where your look, your hairstyle or your style were not the most glorious … Put back these photos to the taste of the day by adapting them to today ! And if you do not have the courage to ridicule yourself, just watching these old photos together will make your night memorable!

5. A friendly meal

Conviviality and originality are the two keywords for a successful meal with friends. Opt for an Asian fondue for example: it’s fun, delicious, healthy and different from a classic fondue! And to make your life easier, divide the tasks and ask each of your guests to bring part of the meal.


Happy New Year 2019 to all!





Updated: November 10, 2018 — 10:10 am

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