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Happy new year 2019

New Year in Japan

The Japanese call the new year oshōgatsu or ganjitsu . Formerly based on the Chinese calendar, it was celebrated in the spring. But since 1873 and the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, it is officially celebrated on January 1st.
At the end of December, the Japanese begin a big cleaning of their house, in order to purify it for the new year to come. They then decorate their front door with traditional objects that are said to bring longevity and prosperity, such as kadomatsu, which is usually made of pine and bamboo. On the evening of December 31, families gather around a hot soup with soba(Japanese noodles). At midnight, they go to the temple to witness the strike of 108 gongs announcing the arrival of the new year. According to a Buddhist tradition, this ritual can purify the souls of the 108 faults that afflict Man. On the 1st of January, we go back to the temples, dressed in traditional clothes, for the great ritual ceremony of the hatsumode . We drink the toso *, the first sake of the year, and we draw the prediction

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