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New Year In Korea


New Year In Korea 2019


Say hay boke-mahn he says, “It’s the New Year’s greeting in Korea.” The New Year is the biggest party of the year in Korea, like Chinese and Vietnamese, the Korean New Year (Seol-Nal ) is also celebrated at sunset on the day of the second new moon after the winter solstice.It is the Lunar New Year (Harvest Moon Festival ).Sol Nal is a three day celebration and almost every Koreans settle in their hometown to celebrate this event.

New Year celebrations

New Year’s Eve is also called Sut dal kum mom in Korean. That day, people clean their homes and light them with colored halogens. On the evening of that day, Koreans take a bath of hot water and burn bamboo sticks to dispel the spell. According to the Korean belief, no body should sleep that night, otherwise the eyebrows would become white. The lights in each room and kitchen are lit all night long. It’s a special way to welcome the new year with brightness and open eyes.

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