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New year in Persia

Noruz or Persian New Year falls at the spring equinox around March 21 according to the Gregorian calendar. The preparations for the festival start well in advance. Noruz lasts 13 days. This is a special day for the Iranians. They believe that that day the land is recreated and new crops are growing. The rituals and customs of the New Year practiced in Persia make these celebrations a gala affair.

Noruz Traditions
Many New Year traditions are interpreted by the Persians. These rituals are performed with the same dedication and enthusiasm in Persia as in ancient times.

Khaneh Tekani
People start cleaning their house several days before the New Year. This tradition of cleaning the house is called Khaneh Tekani, which means “shake your house”. People buy not only new things for their home, but also new clothes to welcome the New Year.

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