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New Year Traditions and Celebrations in Britain

New Year traditions in Britain

A very old “first-foot” custom is still followed in Britain with sincerity. It is said that the first male visitor at home on New Year’s Day brings good luck. A blonde, red-haired woman or a woman is not allowed to enter the house first because they are supposed to bring bad luck. The male visitor usually brings money, bread or charcoal, these gifts being considered as favorable gifts. In some places, there is a tradition of offering the holy mistletoe. It is thought to bring prosperity to the recipient. Another tradition celebrated popularly is the “burning of the bush”. It symbolizes the burning of all past events.

New Year celebrations in Great Britain

New Year’s celebrations in Britain are a colorful affair. The New Year is celebrated as the most important festival in the United Kingdom. Midnight feasts, sumptuous meals, champagnes, music, dancing and fireworks are the highlights of New Year’s Eve in England. It’s the biggest party of the year.

In addition to parties and meals, the biggest New Year’s parade is another important part of the New Year’s celebrations in the UK. The parade begins at noon in the streets of Whitehall, Pall Mall and ends at Berkley Square. Musicians, dancers, acrobats, parades, drums and other artists are doing a magnificent job to make the event the most distinguished. Everyone at Berkley is openly invited to join the carnival and enjoy the festive occasion.

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