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New year In Vietnam

Tet means the first New Year’s morning

in Vietnamese language and Nguyen dan is the popular name of the Vietnamese New Year. Nguyen dan begins on the first day of the first lunar month and lasts seven days. It marks the arrival of spring and is the biggest party because the festival brings some breaks in the agricultural year. The Vietnamese New Year is between the harvest period and the sowing of crops.


Nguyen dan Traditions and Customs

Vietnamese are very attached to their New Year traditions and customs. They follow all customs with fervor and rigidity. The Vietnamese believe that their destiny and their luck for the New Year are determined today. Children are told not to cry or to fight and to avoid grieving people.




Tribute to the kitchen God Tao

Nguyen dan, the Vietnamese new year is the moment to pay homage to the god of the kitchen, Tao. The custom associated with the god of the kitchen is observed one week before the New Year. The Vietnamese believed that there were three gods represented by the three feet of kitchen equipment in the kitchen. The middle God is a woman and the other two are her husbands. In the past, it was customary to provide the gods with carp on which they could travel. The carp symbolizes the last stage of the process of transformation of animals into dragoons. Keeping the old custom alive, people buy the carp at the market and place it in the bucket of water and place it on the altar of the house, which was then released.

Vietnamese New Year cuisine

ietnamese New Year food includes a special rice pudding called Banh Chung or Tet Banh prepared in advance. The pudding contains mung beans and pork. Other delicacies of the New Year include confectionery, chicken, fish, oranges, beef, grapefruit, coconut and some seasonal fruits. The watermelon is considered the most fruitful fruit of the season because its flesh is red. Its dried seeds are also used for various specialties.

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