New year 2019

Happy new year 2019

New year Wishes for Elders

  • Another year and another number will be added to your age but what will remain ageless are the memories of times spent with you and the priceless lessons on wisdom that I received from you.


  • The wonderful, human deeds done by you have inspired many and I am just one of the several men who would like to walk on the path shown by you. I would like to make 2019 a year of the realization of dreams and wishes as woven on the foundation of inspiring tales of your life.


  • I am grateful for the valuable lessons of life you thought me in


  • Thanks for the compassion you have treated me with always and wish you continue doing the same in the year ahead.


  • Years come and go but it is the years of experience added each year that counts. Let the wealth of knowledge and wisdom, which you have gathered over the years, be my guiding light in the year ahead.


  • The number of years for which you have survived will become irrelevant but it is the number of years that you have spent in making your life as well as contributed to making other’s life worthwhile that will matter at the end. Happy New Year 2019!


  • You have been through me, acting as a guiding light, giving me inspiration to live each day of my life and I take this opportunity at the start of 2019 to thank you for being there always through all these years.


  • As we step into another beautiful year, it is time to seek your help again to be my pillar of support and for giving me your strong shoulder on which I can rest my head when everything around me seems a maze. Continue to inspire me even in 2019.


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