New year 2019

Happy new year 2019

Trends to wish the new year 2019

The end of the year is fast approaching and you can not wait to send your greeting cards .
You have already developed the list of people who will have the privilege of receiving your messages for the New Year and wondering what are the trends to send your best wishes to 2019 .

Because, if each year, find his greeting card model is a bit of a puzzle, it is the same for the good idea, the good image and the good text.
It is no longer a question of sending cards with images of fireplaces, snowflakes and reindeers in slippers that are a little old and little personalized. Besides, thinking about it makes you smile a little, no doubt?

This year, you made a big decision: you decided to surf the trends to send your wishes for a happy new year 2019 .

But what are they?


new year greeting cards


Photo editing

This is the greeting card that is still in fashion and remains trend in 2019! Whether for your immediate circle or your professional circle, it has the advantage of reviewing past events over the past year and wishing the best for the future.
There is more to choose the photos and the model of card that you like. You create an original frame that will make all the difference: vertical, horizontal or jumble. And here is a superb original and unique card !
Then a message of best wishes with a beautiful typography in a dedicated space will do the rest!

The texture of the background

This is the trend of the moment to decorate your cards at the end of the year . Wood, paper, wallpaper, trees, lights, the sea, dream catchers, bubbles …
It does not matter, provided you choose a background to put the message of a happy new year on the map, sober and, at the same time, original and trendy. With a beautiful typography, the words and your wishes are really highlighted.

In the professional setting, you can use the company logo and a neutral background for a greeting card: the message is simple and clear.
Otherwise, playing with transparencies is a way to highlight a pattern or texture that you particularly like. The New Year wishes are also an opportunity to please you by creating this kind of map.

virtual cards

The virtual cards continue to be trend to send greetings in 2019.
They are very plebiscite because playful, fast and free.

Simply choose your card from countless sites offering this service and be guided to send your wishes for a happy new year . The most difficult being to choose …
After, it’s easy. Either you send a single copy of greeting card to one recipient at a time, which can be quickly time-consuming, or you opt for a bulk shipment, in the professional setting for example.

Anyway, to send your greetings for the new year 2019, being trendy and to make you stand out, you can choose between the photo montage, the texture of the basemap or a virtual map , that it is for your close entourage or your professional relationships. A faultless!


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